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NYCESPA Joins Forces with NAESP, NASSP,
and CSA's Governmental Relation Teams to Lobby on Behalf of Principals

Principals from across the United States participated in the National Leaders Conference, which provided workshops on topics related to educational priorities and issues of great concern to educational leaders across the country.  Secretary of Education Manuel Cardona’s words to the Conference inspired and energized the leaders in attendance. His reminder that “we signed up to serve children, to serve families, to make a difference.  It is time to disrupt what no longer serves our children”, underscored the importance of lobbying for the funding schools need to do this important work.  The New York State Team brought leaders from all levels of education together to lobby our legislators. The New York Team included NYCESPA President George Andrews, NAESP Vice President and past NYCESPA President Liza Caraballo-Suarez, NYCESPA Executive Director Pierre Lehmuller, Deputy Director Susan Rippe Hofmann, and CSA Governmental Affairs Director Gabe Gallucci.  The New York Team split into two groups, participating in both virtual and in-person meetings. The meetings were well-received by our elected leaders and their staff members.   NYCESPA is proud to be a voice for NYC Elementary school Principals.

NYCESPA Past President Dr. Liza Caraballo-Suarez, who will become the first NYC Principal to become President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals shares a happy moment with Ernest Logan, AFSA President and former CSA President
District 2 Delegate Renny Fong (R) is congratulated by NYCESPA President, George Andrews, on his election to the Presidency of the Asian American Association of CSA

NYCESPA's 88th Annual Convention Honors CSA President Mark Cannizzaro as NYCESPA's Friend of Education

NYCESPA's 88th Annual Convention was a virtual event, but CSA PresidentMark Cannizzaro joined us to receive NYCESPA's Friend of Education Award in recognition of his efforts to move towards pay parity for Elementary School Principals.

NYCESPA Actively Supports the National Association of Elementary School Principals

The National Association of Elementary School Principals supports Principals of Elementary and K-8 schools nationwide, providing advocacy, Professional Learning and resources for Principals.  NYCESPA’s advocacy and professional supports are strengthened by our close collaborations.