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Serving the Professional Growth of Its Members

xxFor 80 years, the NYC Elementary School Principals Association has provided a voice for the concerns and issues of the city’s elementary school Principals. We are the largest independent educational professional association in the city. Our mission is to improve working conditions of our members as well as to advocate for the educational needs of the 1.1 million children who pass through our schools.

Why should I join and pay dues to a separate organization of elementary school principals when I am a dues paying member of CSA?

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: When NYCESPA speaks, it speaks with a voice comprised of 700 members. Our collective voice at meetings with the Department of Education, at CSA, with other associations and with the media is stronger than the voice of an individual. You contribute to and draw upon the strength of NYCESPA's total membership, the largest independent professional association in the city.

Why do we need an independent organization?

WE HAVE A UNIQUE ROLE: Elementary school principals participate in the development and implementation of programs for children during their most critical formative stages. Elementary school principals, who have the largest pupil per supervisor ratios, also serve as a leader and children’s advocate in their communities. We tackle a myriad of social problems that affect children who are too young to successfully cope with them. We confront these challenges with the smallest proportion of available resources. We confront them willingly, enthusiastically, and successfully.

OK. So NYCESPA plays an advocacy role for elementary school principals. What else does the organization do?

NYCESPA PROVIDES SUPPORT AND PROGRAMS FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: NYCESPA offers an end to the isolation principals may face in their schools. After all, while a school may have 30 teachers, the school only has one Principal; opportunities for networking with other school leaders on the average school day are rare. NYCESPA offers many forums for Principals to meet to discuss mutual issues in a spirit of collegiality. NYCESPA sponsors regular professional development programs in each of the five boroughs throughout the year including our annual leadership conference. In addition, NYCESPA’s members receive a $75 rebate when they join the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), the premier national professional association. Each year, NAESP hosts an leadership conference as well that provides its members with the opportunity to attend dozens of workshops and network with thousands of school leaders across the nation.

What is the most pressing issue facing NYC elementary school Principals face in terms of work conditions?

NYCESPA IS FIGHTING AN UNFAIR SALARY STRUCTURE: NYC Elementary School Principals are still paid based on the idea that elementary schools are easier to run. This unjust salary structure should be abolished. NYCESPA has adopted a position that calls for a rational salary structure keyed to objective criteria rather than school level. We continue to press CSA to contractually implement this position.

I’m convinced! How do I join?

Contact NYCESPA’s Executive Director Pierre Lehmuller at (212) 823-2046 or e-mail him at Pierre@csa-nyc.org.